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Speech Coaching

In addition to my work as a Theatre Director, I deliver speech and communications coaching to Management teams, C-Suite Executives, Politicians, Advocates and anyone who feels nervous about public speaking.


Everything I do draws on 12 years of experience at the top level of international theatre and theatre training. What I've learnt through directing at the RSC and RADA, is retooled into productive, actionable advice on presentation and communication.


Sessions are usually conducted in your work place, and designed to make you feel comfortable and confident. My coaching aims to release the voice of the speaker and the priority of the message.


All sessions start with an informal meeting to hear what it is you're struggling with, and the context of your role as a communicator within your workplace. 

If you're interested, read on for details about sessions, or get in touch

1 - 2 - 1 

This session is for anyone who would like to improve their confidence and speaking style, but definitely not in the context of a group workshop.

After a preliminary meeting to ascertain what you're struggling with, I'll design a bespoke two hour session that focuses on building confidence and clarity. We'll spend the first half of the session on some fundamentals, and the second half working through a message or presentation that you're looking to deliver.

Though my coaching is inspired by ten years in professional theatre, I promise you won't need to do any acting! This session is usually conducted in a meeting room or office at your work place, and can be entirely seated unless you'd like to practice delivering from a lectern or a standing position. 



Group Workshop

This session is designed for a workshop size of between 10 -30 people and delivered as an all day event. 

I'll design a bespoke all-day workshop for your staff and colleagues that focuses on priorities spoken about in the preliminary meeting. This might focus on interpersonal communication, pitch presentations, client-facing communication, or something else altogether. 

I will not be asking your staff to take their shoes off and roll around on the floor. Though this session is a little more active than the others, it is based on a series of practical and conversational exercises to unlock confidence and clarity. 


This workshop takes place in a rehearsal room, adjusted to the size of the group. 



This session is designed for 1 - 5 people, typically a management or executive team, who are looking to improve their style of communication or prepare for a particular event.

Taking place in your meeting room, this session is designed according to your purposes, using professional acting techniques to unlock aspects of your communication style that you're looking to improve or change. 

The session will involve peer-led feedback in a safe, constructive environment, hence the limited number of participants.


Lucy Roslyn and Madison Clare in Pennyroyal 2 - credit Helen Murray.jpg

If you'd like to book a session or find out more, get in touch at

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